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Want more MOT & Service bookings?

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 "Provide motorists peace of mind, safe in the knowledge they are dealing with industry professional at a fair price".



Increase MOT Bookings

Increase Client Base

Optional, Advisory Follow Up

You Choose Your Offering

Increase Service Bookings

Increase Marketing Exposure

Increase Profits

Dedicated Account Manager


MOT Prices

     HOW WE DO IT: 

1. Using High Profile Multi Media Channels

  2. With Exclusive Local Target Marketing





  3. Linked To A Dedicated Optimised Webpage

4. Priority In Our MOT Test Centre Locator 




Including All Filters:
> Exclusive Rates
> MOT Only
> MOT & Service
> Approved
> Highly Recommended
> Corporate Accounts

  5. With Bookings Sent Directly To You

  6. Optional Customer Service Backup

Why Us?




Smart marketing without compromising your existing customer base


> Confirm the MOT booking
> Can offer Full & Interim Service upsells
> Receive feedback post MOT
> Can follow up MOT Advisories
> Secure repeat MOT's
> Offer seasonal promotions all year round
MOT Test


  The cost is based on the following variables:

  1. Number of location(s)

  2. Your geographical location(s)

  3. The service(s) you require


  Your Account Manager will advise you 

Additional Services Include: 
  • Bespoke Existing Customer Servicing Marketing
  • Bespoke Existing Customer MOT Marketing
  • Bespoke Existing Customer MOT Advisory Follow Up
  • Bespoke Marketing Campaigns

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